Late valentines day… My gift was him getting it framed. So purdy.

i dislike nursing school.

that is all. 

damn abusive relationship. I feel stupid, dumb, fat, all the above. and yet i continue to go there for more. 

allllllmooooost overrrrrrrr.

BSN > tumblr

as one of my friends put it for me.
i miss tumblr. 

SOOOOOOO… guess what I did yesterday?

I still can’t believe it, lmao. I really think I’m losing my mind. Especially with doing a 530 am boot camp. ANYWHO!

I got a brazilian.
painful? Yes, but I love it (despite the damn inflammatory process). I got one cause I wanted one… Not because anyone is down there, lol.


Also got my legs waxed & eyebrows threaded. Picked my classes for my LAST semester!! (I hate how I have to be at school 5 days a week! Ordered some heels, NCLEX books, blah blah.)

I love shellac too. This color I have on my nails is so cute and still looks good after a week! Hopefully my clinical teacher doesn’t have a cow over it. Being a girl is so much fun, lol.